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DIY Delivery Specialists

We offer agile delivery solutions for companies within the DIY sector. From supplies to equipment, we provide a high-quality service for your DIY deliveries.

Your Carrier of Choice

With our ability to carry irregular and non-standard freight, XDP offer delivery solutions for a number of manufacturers and DIY specialists in the construction industry, ensuring materials and supplies reach your customer on time and efficiently. Whether your items exceed standard lengths or are oversized, we can accommodate your deliveries across our range of service offerings.

We know that DIY planning can be a lengthy process, that’s why with our regular delivery updates throughout the parcel journey, your customers can plan their DIY around delivery times, enabling full flexibility and customer satisfaction.

Delivering UK-Wide

With a nationwide service for non-standard freight, we provide efficient and flexible delivery options for your customers.

From radiators to skirting boards and fire surrounds we are the carrier or choice for all your DIY freight.


How we work

Sending your freight through the XDP network is a concise and simple process, which has been designed to allow full visibility from manifestation through to final mile delivery. Throughout the delivery process, your customer will receive regular communications, alongside the opportunity to sign from their own device and leave any delivery instructions.

Manifest Your Items

Manifest your freight using the XDP portal.

Prepare Your Freight for Collection

Your freight will be collected via your local depot at a time which is suited to your business requirements. Each parcel will then be scanned into the XDP Network.

Manual Sortation

Your freight will arrive and be scanned into one of our Central Sortation Hub’s, the item will then be manually sorted as per delivery region and will be dispatched to the delivery depot for final mile delivery to commence.

Routed For Delivery

The delivery depot will scan, route, and load all parcels to be delivered, with your customer receiving a two-hour time slot on the morning of delivery.

Delivered, Safe and Sound

With live driver tracking, and next stop notification prior to arrival, you will then be able to view full delivery confirmation, including photo evidence and ring-fenced geo-location via the XDP portal or app.

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Frequently asked questions

As with all items sent via the XDP network, any DIY deliveries sent via XDP can be fully tracked from collection through to delivery.

Customers will have the ability to track their deliveries progress step by step through our regular scanning. This starts at the point of collection, scanned at the delivery depot, and scanned again once loaded to the delivery vehicle. Once the item has been routed out for final mile delivery, your customer will receive a two-hour delivery window, can track the driver, and will receive a “You Are Next” notification.

Once delivered, confirmation can be viewed via the XDP portal and mobile application, with ring-fenced geo-location available to view the delivery location.

We deliver a range of DIY products from flooring to paint and hardware supplies.

With flexibility on size across our 1 and 2Man services we can deliver a wide range of products in varying weights and sizes.

All packaging needs to be robust for movement through the network but depending on the product there may be flexibility for some DIY products.

All of your orders,

in one place.

The XDP app allows customers to easily track deliveries at every step during the parcel journey.

All of your orders,

in one place.

The XDP app allows customers to easily track deliveries at every step during the parcel journey.

Similar sectors we help

We offer a variety of bespoke delivery service packages for our prominent and valued retailers, across a range of industry sectors.

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